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Selecting the Perfect Paint

Selecting the correct type of paint can drastically affect the desired execution of your house paint. With a wide variety of different types of paint available, choosing the most suitable type of paint for your house is not an easy task. As a generalization you will wish to avoid cheap, discount paint as it contains fewer binders: on drying, a thinner paint film results, making it less hard-wearing and more prone to cracking and chipping. Do not forget that wood siding expands and contracts in response to changes in the weather and as a consequence, paint must be dynamic for the most favorable results. In addition, for superior adhesion, special direct-to-metal paint is essential for metal siding. With regards to precise types of paint for your home, you may wish to consult a Sacramento paint professional. They can provide recommendations based upon local temperature fluctuations, exposure to UV light and various additional site-specific factors.

Painting Preparation

When it comes to Sacramento house painting, preparation is crucial. You should ensure that your current paint is in a reasonable condition by inspecting it for flaking, chipped and loose paint. These flaws in your paintwork will prevent new paint from adhering sufficiently, resulting in potential problems shortly after application. Insufficient groundwork will result in your paintwork lasting weeks as opposed to years. If you discover that the condition of your house paint is inadequate and thereby consists of paint which has flaked in large quantities, has become deeply cracked or possesses blemishes created by underlying dry rot, then professional paint removal is a necessity.

Why It Is Worth It

If you desire outstanding results from your newly applied coat of paint, it is advisable to take the following additional steps. Not only will your house paint prove long-lasting, its appearance will be enhanced and will provide your home with invaluable safeguarding in the process. Do not forget that house paint is not only an attractive finish for your home. House paint protects your home from all elements. This thin layer of paint repels moisture, protects against insects, defends against mold growth and shields against dry rot. If you take the time and effort to adequately prepare the surface and use high quality paint, an even, intact layer of paint will result, shielding your house from the outside. Refrain from being frugal this spring ,when it comes to your exterior house painting sacramento. Push the boat out and employ Pontius Painting Services to provide an excellent exterior paint job!