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Interior painting is a low cost and fun way to perk up any living space.  Although we are focusing on guestrooms these can apply to any room in your home and any time of the year.   Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional the results can be very rewarding.  Here are a few ideas that you can use to paint a new look for your home.
Color blocking.   

This works well in a room that has a decent coat of paint or a monotone paint all round. You can generate a new feeling in the room with squares, rectangles, or stripes.  Colors should complement the interior mood of the room and are a quick and easy way show off some style.  
There are tools at the bottom of the page to help you color select if you’d like to do this as a DIY project. For those with experience you’ll be able to grab some painters tape and go!

Faux Finishes.
Nothing is more inviting than a warm Artisan finish in a bedroom or guest room.    
Simple color matching and some fun with tissue papers, not the kind for you restroom but professional supplies, and you can quickly and easily create a lovely new look for your rooms.  Textures like this can be a real wow factor for guests and are sometimes used as low cost techniques to considerably increase a home’s value.
Try these ideas out when you are ready to paint your home interior, and as always we’re here to work with you if you need help or just want to save time!

Thanks for checking us out!