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Homeowners and businesses alike are looking for ways to conserve water and save money.  If you have a lawn and you want it to be green you might have to look for other means than nature provided.  Currently there are two alternatives to make the grass greener, synthetic turf, or lawn painting.

Synthetic grass may be the long term solution. The newer products aren’t like the plastic Astroturf of the past. They’re fabric replications that are strong durable and can increase the value of your home.   It is expected in the next few years that there will be tax credits or rebates offered that will make this option more affordable.  It is costly, ranging from $2 to $4 a square foot and that’s before installation.   It does last years.

Lawn painting is a repeatable service that, depending on the size of your lawn maybe less than two hundred dollars. It’s not paint but a hypo allergenic nontoxic dye.  It can be applied to dead lawns or stressed lawns.  The dye doesn’t hurt a living lawn and with proper care that lawn can come back.  It can be applied in less than an hour and often done while you’re at work.

Synthetic Grass


·         Long term solution

·         Can increase home value


·         Cost is high

Lawn Painting


·         Quick turnaround

·         Low cost


·         Temporary solution

If your property is on the market, lawn painting is the superior option. For a few hundred dollars you can quickly increase the presentation value.  Home sales, being on the rise, brings a huge value to lawn painting services.  Synthetic, with its higher costs, makes it impractical for home owners to get that return on investment.  Many real estate agents have turned to this solution rather than showing a house with a dead or dying lawn.  

Businesses have turned to this option too to keep their properties inviting to shoppers.  Many businesses rent their locations and turf installation isn’t always an option.  A quick paint job can keep a store appealing and they can announce their conservation efforts as part of their public relations.  

Lawn painting is a viable and quick option that can address both water costs, and increase the atheistic of your property.  

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Depending on your needs lawn painting can be a quick and effective solution to keeping your home or business looking good.