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Pros of Do-it-Yourself Painting

Without question, the primary advantage to DIY painting is a large cut in the cost of getting the job done. The only expenses are the supplies, such as primer, paint, paintbrushes, drop clothes, etc. The distinct downside is that saving money may be the only valid argument for DIY painting that belongs in the pro column.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Painter

• Painting takes time. Whereas a homeowner can get stuck in the middle of a paint project due to lack of time, professionals are able to focus on the task at hand and get the job done, often in just one to two days. The average homeowner who works a full-time job takes, on average, up to a month to complete an exterior paint job. In addition, one company kept records which indicated that one out of five people who tackle do-it-yourself paint jobs end up hiring a professional to finish the work.

• If something goes wrong with the paint job, most professional painters are covered by insurance and can make things right.

• In theory, painting is easy. Reality is a different story, however. It requires skill, the proper tools, and the right paint to accomplish a professional-quality paint job.

• Allowing professionals to do your painting can mean that you have saved yourself the pain and hassle of being injured. The majority of all ladder accidents involve falls from step ladders, from 2’ to 6’ high.

• Professionals have the right tools for achieving a quality paint job. If a homeowner were to purchase the high-quality supplies and equipment that a pro uses, it would be very costly. Even the use of certain paint brushes for certain types of paint and for certain parts of the project make a big difference, and the professionals know the best brushes as well as rollers to use.

• An amateur may not realize the importance of using certain types of paint in certain parts of the home, a problem that won’t arise with professionals on the job.

• The tough parts of a paint job are standard procedure for a professional. Wherever taping is needed, for example, it will be done expertly with clean lines.

• Professionals use paint that produces the best results, both for beauty and durability.

• Painting is what the professionals specialize in. It only makes sense that they will do a better job than an amateur and will know what problems to avoid and best practices to apply. After all, they know all the tricks of the trade.

Every few years a homeowner needs to address the need for exterior house painting, unless no-paint siding is installed or the home is constructed of stucco. Saving up the extra money in order to hire professionals to do the job when the time for new exterior paint has arrived is a great idea. Contacting our professionals will help you simplify the entire painting process, in addition to making it less stressful.