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Pontius Painting Services

Exterior Washing and Maintenance

One of the most cost effective ways to remove dirt, mold and mildew, and protect your home from deterioration, is by pressure washing. We can easily remove the ugly stains and restore your home back to it’s original beauty, no matter if it’s brick, wood frame, siding or stucco.

We are Pontius Painting Services and we provide a full-service exterior home cleaning. Whether it’s a big holiday party your preparing for, getting ready to sell your home, or you simple like to keep your home looking new, Hydro Pressure Washing gets the job done. You can call us for a one time cleaning or set up a regular scheduled cleaning program. *

We send a courteous, uniformed cleaning professional to perform the cleaning and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Pressure washing consists of a high-pressure water spray. Cleaning concrete patios, sidewalks, decks, house siding, entrance ways, and driveways is some of the more popular services. The results of a pressure washing performed by a qualified pressure washer is nothing short of amazing and a worth while investment.

The quality and life of exterior siding and trim can be extended by removing mildew and mold. With that in mind, to help extend the life of your home, we provide:

Exterior washing using a chemical wash

Exterior washing using a power wash

Proper maintenance of exterior surfaces as precautionary solutions that are cost effective, and give you the quality and service you deserve!


Exterior House Painting

Even though your exterior house painting Sacramento needs are  crucial to the appearance and longevity of your home. Protection is the first and foremost function that painting the exterior of your home serves. A good coating of paint will protect the surface of your home from sun and moisture. Keeping you home beautiful with an appealing color is the second purpose. Preparing the surface properly, then applying paint which provides the protection and beauty is what we do.

Quality paints and coatings are what we use to paint your home. Top quality brands of exterior paint that have proven effectiveness against the elements of nature are all we use. You’re involved every step of the way by consulting with us at the beginning and end of the job to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are dedicated to proving our customers with nothing less than the highest quality service and professionalism for every job.  For all of your exterior house painting Sacramento needs our process includes:

  • Removal of loose paint and or stain and defective caulking.
  • Scraping and sanding of all peeling areas.
  • To ensure maximum adhesion of coating material, all surfaces have to be washed free of mildew and dirt.
  • All gaps between adjoining wood or wood and masonry are to be sealed with paintable caulking.
  • Before applying primers, paints or stains, all rusty surfaces must be prepared properly.

For a job completed the right way as well as having all of your house painting Sacramento needs met, call Pontius Painting Services today!


Interior House Painting Sacramento California Tips

Read on to learn how to make the most out of your interior house painting Sacramento experience. Make sure that you know how to handle your painting contractor, as this is just as important as the paint itself!

Interior Paints: the majority of interior painting is done with latex paint. Latex paint is water soluble, and you can get them in any color of the rainbow. If your room won’t experience much wear, you can use low-gloss or flat finishes. For the most active rooms in your home, you may want to invest in glossier finishes. You’ll be able to keep the walls of your Sacramento home in better shape with good, glossy finish.

If you have painted trim and floorboards, you can use glossy finishes to contrast it with the flat wall paint – it’ll also help the trim protect against wear and tear. Oil-based paint is perfect for extremely humid areas with high traffic, such as bathrooms. Those of you who really want to protect their wall from really tough conditions, use high-gloss enamel finishes for oil-based paint.

Using Paint: You’ll typically find that you can get 400 square feet of wall covered with a gallon of paint. The quality of the surface can fudge these numbers a bit, as well as the thickness of application and color. If you hire on a professional, you can count on the paint being used as efficiently as possible. If you use two thin coats of paint rather than one thicker coat, you’ll get much more surface area covered per gallon.

Surfaces of Interior Walls: Wall surfaces come in many types. Most modern houses typically have a textured drywall surface on their walls. You’ll notice the small ripples and bumps on the surface of the wall. You can also find smooth drywall in a lot of Sacramento homes nowadays, and has a glass-like smoothness. There’s also plaster, which is often used in the interior walls of some of the older Sacramento homes; it’s made from putty trawled on a lath. If your house was made before 1930, it has wooden strip lathes; commercial buildings, on the other hand, have metal lathes. If you apply it right, it’ll have the appearance of finished drywall, just like most homes, but it’s easier to crack.

Painter Preparation: Make sure to clear the house of any obstructions, like furniture and lamps, that can hinder the work of the Sacramento painting contractor you hired. Cover your furniture with drop clothes and get them out of the way. Vacuum all the baseboards and corners, to keep it clean. You can typically trust the painter to tape off and cover everything that shouldn’t be painted.

You should make sure the painter has plenty of water nearby, which can help them maintain clean tools and not have to wander through the house. Restrain pets and smaller children from the areas that you are having painted, so they don’t interfere with the work. If you don’t, the entire paint job can be ruined by messy fingers or tail marks! So call us today and let us take care of your interior house painting  needs. Also Serving the Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, and Granite Bay areas.