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Pontius Painting Services continues to do our part in the industry, and community, by offering our customers an environmentally preferred products line from Sherwin-Williams to accommodate your interior or exterior house painting Sacramento needs.

Q: Is it true that I won’t be able to buy oil-based paints in the future?

A: A lot depends on the VOC limits the federal government sets when it implements a national VOC regulation. Based on the latest information we have, you should be able to use oil-based paints for some time. The oil-based products you’ll use in years to come will be different than the ones you use now. They’ll contain more solids and less solvent, and may apply and dry differently than current products.
In the meantime, you might want to try the new waterborne products that are being developed. They apply, level, and dry to a hard film like an alkyd; but they’re non-yellowing, clean up with soap and water, and cause less odor.

Q: with all the talk about VOC emissions from solvents in paint, I’m confused.If latex paint is water-based, how can it contain VOCs?

A: Traditional latex technology requires the use of co-solvents to get the latex particles to melt together (coalesce). These small amounts of solvents, and some additives, make up the VOC content in normal latex paints. New technology has been developed that allows latex paint films to form without co-solvents. These new products perform similar to traditional latex paints, but have minimal VOC levels and less odor.